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Horze Horze ComForce Shoulder Guard

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Barva: Black
Black Horze ComForce Shoulder Guard
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Size Size A B C D E F G H I
S Pony 56 cm 63 cm 30 cm 29 cm 54 cm 2.5 cm 5.8 cm 1.7 cm 2.5 cm
M Cob 59.5 cm 63 cm 30 cm 29 cm 57 cm 2.5 cm 5.8 cm 1.7 cm 2.5 cm
L Full 68.5 cm 63 cm 30 cm 29 cm 60 cm 2.5 cm 5.8 cm 1.7 cm 2.5 cm
XL XFull 67 cm 63 cm 30 cm 29 cm 63 cm 2.5 cm 5.8 cm 1.7 cm 2.5 cm
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This smooth, Lycra shoulder protector will prevent a blanket from chafing and keep your horse comfortable and happy.

The only thing worse than your horse’s rug not keeping him warm in the winter is having it rub his shoulders raw. This smooth piece of underwear will prevent rubbing and chafing while allowing your horse freedom and comfort to move around. Horses at pasture are constantly on the move and eventually even the best-fitting horse rugs might rub and chafe and chap the skin around his shoulders. This smooth Lycra protector is designed to eliminate this problem and includes a single strap beneath the stomach.


  • Prevents rug chafing
  • Won't interfere with movement
  • Smooth, lightweight Lycra
  • Simple one buckle closure
  • Easy care

Materiálové složení:


Washing instructions:

Machine wash at 40 degrees. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

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