O nás
Toto je Horze. Dovolujeme si vás pozvat, abyste se seznámili s naší společností a s tím, v čem jsme jiní a co nás odlišuje od ostatních. Poznejte náš tým sponzorovaných jezdců. Podívejte se na naše aktuální pracovní nabídky. Budeme rádi za vaši zpětnou vazbu a přivítáme vaše dotazy a komentáře. Kdykoli se na nás obraťte.

Open positions - become part of the team!

In our technology-based, fast growing company you are the right person if you are motivated and engaged. This is even more important than good experience and credentials! In addition to a nice work enviroment and flexible working hours, we want to provide you one special thing: an interesting and exciting perspective into your future! Do you want to be part of our young and international team?

# Job Description
V současné době nemáme žádné volné pozice.

Your Application

Your application should consist of three elements: a short cover letter, your CV and your references for school, study or previous work.

Feel free to let us know why you are the right candidate for the job by getting directly to the point - we are not impressed with empty phrases or generic prose. We want to know why you belong at Horze, what you have done before, what your strengths are and which values you will bring to our company. We looking forward to meet you!

The next 3 steps:

  1. Prepare your application documents
  2. Send them as a PDF file to: hr@horze.com
  3. Wait for our call (we will contact you as soon as possible)

Our values, Your benefits!


No more ties and collars! You can be yourself. Your individuality matters to us.


We don't hold onto bureaucratic structures and the status quo - we want to hear your ideas and suggestions!


Engagement and willingness to learn are more important to us than just good credentials and references!


We focus on solutions instead of problems. Our glass is always half full.


We don't compete, but work together as teams. This is our strength!


We respect each other - diversity is key.

Motivated team

What I like most about working for Horze is the team spirit of my colleagues working toward the same goal! We work together on upcoming challenges to find the best solutions!


Shop Manager Horze Shop

Innovation and Technology

At Horze I like the relentless strive for innovation and continuous improvement. At the same time our main focus is selling through digital channels, which means that I can implement my ideas and suggestions across a wide audience.


Pricing & Portfolio Manager

Flexible with future perspective

We work together to constantly improve ourselves and our teamwork. Due to the implementation of flat hierarchies I can develop and plan my next career steps.


Customer Service