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Kavalkade Kavalkade Soft leather girth Comfort, elastic

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Barva: Black
Black Kavalkade Soft leather girth Comfort, elastic
Brown Kavalkade Soft leather girth Comfort, elastic
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Size EU US & UK
40 40 cm 16"
45 45 cm 18"
50 50 cm 20"
55 55 cm 22"
60 60 cm 24"
65 65 cm 26"
70 70 cm 28"
80 80 cm 32"
90 90 cm 36"
100 100 cm 40"
110 110 cm 44"
120 120 cm 48"
130 130 cm 52"
140 140 cm 56"
150 150 cm 60"

Girths are measured from center of buckle to center of buckle.

To measure the length of the girth you need, start with placing the saddle pad and saddle on the horse. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the middle billet hole on one side of the saddle to the same position on the other side. The tape should be placed about one hand’s width behind the horse’s elbow. This measurement equals the size of the girth. As saddles have different sizes and strap lengths, it may be necessary to measure for a new girth if you change your saddle.

To switch between short (dressage) and long girths, add or subtract about 20 inches (51 cm) respectively.

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The soft leather girth from Kavalkade adapts every horse's body and is extremely soft. The belt easily follows every movement and gives the horse enough freedom of movement. A soft leather girth consists of a strong and stable nylon band, which guarantees the dimensional stability of the girth. A foam is placed around the tape to make it soft. Soft leather is pulled around the belt for optimal durability and comfort. This also ensures naturalness and a greater feel-good factor for the horse. This soft leather girth Comfort offers a wide chest plate and thus the possibility to expand the pressure distribution and to offer a more comfortable wearing comfort for the horse.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Strong and firm nylon tape
  • Wide chest plate for optimal pressure distribution
  • With elastic material
  • Anatomically cut long girth
  • Minimizes belt pressure and pressure points

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Size: 95, 100, 105, 110...150cm. Colour: black, brown.

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